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    Respiratory medicine, X-ray, urologist, internist, Imunoallergology, orthopedic surgeon, radiologist (ultrasound), Physical (rehabilitation).
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    +421 232 313 020
    +421 911 392 220

    Staré Grunty 56
    841 04 Bratislava
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    • Monday - Thursday
      7:00 a.m. – 7 p.m.
    • Friday
      7:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Poliklinika Mlynská Dolina was founded in 2012. We provide quality healthcare, regardless of whether patients use our services on a long-term, or just short-term basis. We always do our best to make their visit a pleasant and comfortable experience.

The Poliklinika Mlynská dolina is an outpatient medical facility aimed at providing modern and quality healthcare services which would be accessible to everyone.

Our services, which continue to grow in number, are provided by a variety of specialists. Our goal is comprehensive healthcare under one roof. Moreover, our services extend beyond just the care we provide at the clinic: cooperation with our partners means we can offer you follow-up care and services.

The services we offer

Surgeries equipped with the latest technology and using the latest diagnostic methods; family atmosphere, pleasant premises, friendly and professional staff; comprehensive healthcare. Easily accessible by public transport (last stop for buses 31, 39 and 139) or by car, easy access to the motorway, free parking in the area around the clinic.

Healthcare options:
One-time appointments; year-round healthcare programme; family packages; packages for seniors; year-round healthcare in one surgery only; premium preventive check-ups

Healthcare packages: One-time appointments; Year-round healthcare programmes; Family packages Year-round healthcare programmes (husband + wife / kind + companion); Year-round healthcare programme for one surgery; Premium preventive check-ups

Bratislava Allergy Centre – allergy testing and treatment under one roof.

Rehabilitation department – offers a wide range of therapeutic procedures for adults as well as children; individual and group exercises with qualified physiotherapists; massage therapy.

We accept e-Tickets.

We accept e-Tickets.