1. You can decide whether you want to buy a year-round care programme or just single appointments.

2. If you opt for the year-round programme, our staff will provide you with information on the scope of care and cost-effective prices for families and senior citizens. This information can also be found on our website or can be sent to you upon request. Year-round healthcare

3. If you want to use our services as a self-paying patient, you will be informed of the fee for your appointment. The size of the fee depends on whether the department you require has a contract with a health insurance company.

4. You can schedule your appointment in any of the following ways:
By phone:  +421 2 3231 3020, +421 911 392 220, +421 910 911 230
By E-mail:  recepcia@klinikamd.sk
In person: Staré Grunty 56, Bratislava